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What cell phone models Lordmancer can be installed on?
Lordmancer can be installed on:
1. Those cell phone models that support Java MIDP 2.
2. Any Android devices.

Lordmancer work on any devices: with keys or tuch screens, screen resolution from 128x160 till 1024x768. The game launches on cell phones, tablets and desktops.

GPRS Settings
To get access to the game you must set up an Internet GPRS profile for Java-based applications. The game wouldn't start through a WAP access point.

On the phonesSonyEricsson and Nokia (60th series) cell phone models have a user-friendly settings menu for Internet profile installation. Java-based applications use the same access point.

If you have one of the Nokia cell phones of the 40th series, you must specify an Internet access point for using it in standard configuration settings.If your cell phone supports WiFi, you can use it to play the game.

The game is free!
Lordmancer is a free game. You pay only for GPRS traffic. The game is available through an Internet access point (IAP). IAP traffic rates are, as a rule, low.

You can find out your traffic rates per 1 Mb by calling your operator enquiry service.

You may want to refill your account by sending an SMS but you don't have to do it.

As a rule, the money players earn during the game is enough.

Players and Heroes
When you login to the site, you enter your cell phone number and your nickname. Your phone number will be your login for access to the game and the site. A nickname you choose will be unique to you and is for the purposes of chatting in the game's Forum.

You can create any number of heroes. The heroes' nicknames are not unique and can be used more than once. When entering the Java-game, you will play the hero you have marked as the active one.

The numerical indicators “attack” and “defence” of a hero are the percentage by which his units' attack and defence will be increased at time of battle. In other words, if a hero's attack is 100 and his defence is 50, this means that his units will attack twice as strong and his defence will be half as good.

Can I fight with other players?
The main distinguishing characteristic of our game is the active interaction between players.

Players can fight, trade, and talk in the game's chat.

Fights between players are banned only on neutral territories.

What are Crystals and where can I get them?
You can buy Crystals via SMS or xsolla.com.

Crystals can be exchanged for game money or used to activate a Premium Account.

Game's Clans
There are two kinds of clans: Orders and gangs. A gang is a clan without a town; an Order is a clan that has at least one town. Order also has a treasury, a warehouse, and its administration.

The right of a player to use the resources of his clan depends on the player's status in it.
1. Henchman
2. Knight
3. Commander
4. Magister

Does the game have a goal?
The game's goal is for one clan to establish global domination.

What does hero's status mean?
The status of heroes:

1. Mercenary
2. Warrior
3. Fighter
4. Pro
5. Master
6. Hero
7. Berserker. Capable of seeing other heroes from any reality layer without limitation.
8. Assassin. Limited to 5 heroes in each race with the status of Berserker. Collects precise intelligence with the exact number of enemy units; not subject to recon blocking.
9. Titan. One hero per race; adds 20% to all his abilities for a month; exercises power over Gateways.
10. Lordmancer. The most powerful of all heroes. All stats of the hero are increased by 30%.

The status of Assassin, Titan and Lordmancer are awarded for 30 days to those who have had at least 500 victories in PvPs based on the rating of the previous month.


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